Is there any support for demand response or shaving?

The OnGrid Tool does not model demand response technologies.

However if they're integrated with a solar PV installation, you can model in their expected savings and cost as part of the overall analysis:

  1. Enter in the estimated monthly savings as a negative number in the "Electric Rates & Usage" section -> "Charges Not Yet Factored In" sub-section -> "Additional Monthly Utility Charge (not reduced by solar)--Ending Rate Schedule" input.

    If there's significant seasonal differences in demand shaving performance and/or in demand rates, the above approach won't work well. Instead, re-create the ending rate schedule using "Add or Remove User Defined Rates" in the Electric Rates & Usage section. Then reduce the demand rates proportionally with expected demand reduction. So if the demand response system will reduce demand by 15% in the winter, reduce the winter demand rate(s) by 15%. Please attend a conference call to go over this in detail.

  2. Enter in the estimated installation cost of the demand response component as an Allowance in the "System Pricing and Results" section. The federal ITC and other incentives based on system cost will increase accordingly.
  3. If there are any other incentives associated with the component, add those as well.

The savings will increase every year due to electric rate inflation.

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