How do I retrieve data from a former user?

If a user at your organization is leaving or has left, you can make the former user's data available to a current user.

There are several methods. For any of them to work, the current user must be either the former user's manager, a supporting user, or in the same data-sharing group as the former user in OnGrid Sky.

If the former user's work-related files or computer are still accessible:

  • OnGrid Sky Method:

    1. Have the former user go into his/her OnGrid Tool and sync with OnGrid Sky. If this is not possible, please contact Account Support for an appropriate user key that can be used to sync the data with OnGrid Sky. Then load the user key into the Tool. In the Inputs sheet, below the Color Legend, switch the Active User to that of the user key. Sync with OnGrid Sky using the credentials of the Active User.
    2. Anyone authorized to have access to the former user's customers in OnGrid Sky will have access to the newly-synced customers once he or she also syncs with OnGrid Sky
    3. Transfer the customers to different salespeople as appropriate
  • Copy Customer Database Method:

    1. Locate the "OnGrid CustData.xls" file. It should be in the "OnGrid Files" folder within the "OnGrid" folder. Try searching for it. If there are multiple or similarly-named copies, choose the latest and/or biggest one.
    2. Copy the file to a current user's computer using email, USB key, cloud storage, etc.
    3. Rename the file to, for example, "OnGrid CustData Former User.xls" without quotes
    4. On the current user's computer, go to the OnGrid Tool then the "Settings & Support" sheet -> "Customer Databases" section -> "Add or Remove Customer Database" link
    5. Click, "Select a Customer Database" then choose the customer database file transferred from the former user's computer
    6. In the Inputs sheet, a few rows above "Load Customer Data," there is a drop-down box to select a customer database. Select the former user's customer database.
    7. Click "Load Customer Data" and the former user's customers should appear
    8. Merge the customer databases and transfer the customers to different salespeople as appropriate

If the former user's work-related files or computer are unaccessible:

Sync with OnGrid Sky. Any customers the former user synced with OnGrid Sky should appear for authorized users. If the former user never used OnGrid Sky, then it is not possible to recover any customer data while his or her work-related files or computer are inaccessible.

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