How do I add a module or inverter to the Tool?

Note: This article is about adding module and inverter models that are otherwise missing from the full list(s). To add a module or inverter to your short list(s), please click on "Add Modules/Inverters to Drop-Down Lists" in the System Sizing and Specifications section in the Inputs sheet.

The OnGrid Tool pulls data from this list of modules and this list of inverters.

Whatever gets on those lists will appear in the Tool. So if a module or inverter is pending CEC certification, it might be better to simply wait until it gets on its respective list.

In the short term, here's a basic workaround on how to model a custom module or inverter:

  1. Referring to the websites above, find a module or inverter that has similar PTC and STC ratings (for modules) or efficiency (for inverters)
  2. Choose it in the OnGrid Tool
  3. This step is a little advanced so it might be helpful to go over it in a conference call; also, it's unnecessary if you just want to do financial analysis: In the proposal workbook, find the cell(s) where it describes the modules or inverters and copy and paste the cell formula to an empty area of the worksheet. This is to save it for later. Then replace the original formula with your description of the modules or inverters. Save and close the proposal workbook. When you want to revert back to normal setup, put the original formula back in and save.

There's an even more advanced way to do step #3, but it's best to go over that in a conference call.

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