How do I load my OnGrid Tool settings into a new OnGrid Tool copy?

Note that the process detailed below is too complicated. OnGrid is working to improve it. If you'd like our help loading data, please contact us at 855-982-1211 or


As of OnGrid Tool version 5.6 (released 2/25/16), settings and preferences (referred to as "user data" in the OnGrid Tool) are saved directly in the OnGrid Tool itself. This data was previously saved in a supporting file called the "Master File," which is no longer used. 

If you need to use a clean OnGrid Tool copy for any reason, you'll probably want to load your previous user data into this OnGrid Tool copy. To do this, open the clean OnGrid Tool copy and indicate that you're not a new user when prompted. Skip the prompts to select supporting files. 

There are three types of files that contain user data:

Backup File  (default name: OnGrid Tool_BACKUP_[DATE]_[TIME])
Archive File  (default name: OnGrid Tool_ARCHIVE_[DATE]_[TIME])
Share File  (default name: OnGridShareFile__[Your Last Name]__[DATE])

The Backup File and Archive File is located by default in your OnGrid folder, in a sub-folder called: OnGrid Backups. These files can be created automatically or manually.

You can load settings from a Backup File by clicking "Load Tool User Data from Backup File" in cell F-307 of the Settings worksheet.

The Share File is only created manually (by you), and is stored wherever you select during the file creation process.

In OnGrid Tool Settings sheet row 31, click "Load from Share File" to load user data from any one of these three files types.

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